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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  December 10, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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breaking news tonight, live in windermere, florida. tiger woods drives out his multimillion dollar compound barefoot 2:00 a.m. after thanksgiving day celebrations and has a head-on collision with a tree and a fire hydrant. his young wife, the mother of his two children, says she hears the crash inside, runs out to beat out both back windows of woods' cadillac. woods refusing repeatedly to speak with police, immediately pulling out of his own golf tournament. gatorade drops the tiger woods'
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drink. prime time tv ads dry up as woods' alleged mistresses get into double-digits, including a swimsuit model, two porn stars, and a waitress at a pancake house. woods just gets a slap on the wrist even though a witness tells cops woods was drinking before the crash and was prescribed sleeping pills. plus, the super powerful painkiller vicodin. bombshell tonight. tiger woods' lawyers in the last hours get a court order prohibiting papers from publishing allegedly nude photos of tiger woods. this as reports tiger woods moves out. the same day his mother-in-law collapses inside his mansion, he takes a powder. woods still in hiding reportedly on his multimillion dollar yacht, the privacy. do you blame him? tonight, lawsuits threatening to boil over. new york club hostess, alleged mistress number one facing a
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potential lawsuit by the source who breaks the story of the alleged tiger woods affair. even more women coming out of the woodwork. the tally rising tonight. hundreds of reportedly lawsuits in multiple jurisdictions pertaining to explosive e-mails and text messages secretly sent to woods and mistresses that have gone public. woods promising to leave his wife and children, claiming the woman is his soulmate and complaining he wishes he met her before he married. in other text, telling another woman they'll be together "forever." reportedly setting up late-night rendezvous and bankrolling trips for an alleged secret lover before the crash. also, on the legal front, did woods pay millions to buy the silence of an alleged mistress? when does hush money turn into a bribe? what really happened to tiger woods and how will it affect child custody and a possible divorce? >> when i did come out, i kind of did a lot on emotion. i didn't really think anything through. i was hurt. i told my story. i didn't really think of what it was going to do.
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>> one of the women who claims she had an affair with tiger woods is apologizing to his wife. >> i guess i would be deeply sorry for never considering her during the whole process. >> reporter: jamiee grubbs claims she had a 31-month affair with tiger woods. >> jaimee grubbs was the subject of the "us weekly" article last week and the feature of a voice mail left by tiger. >> like a bakery, take a number and next apparently. i'm sure there are more. >> now, e-mails become public, published inside "in touch" magazine.
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>> the hardest part for me is to know that this whole time, 2 1/2 years, that i thought that i could have been the only woman and the only reason why, you know, we didn't hang out as much would be that he was busy and to go back and think that, you know, his reasons for being busy may have been another woman, it is really hard. >> well, she can only imagine how the wife feels. tonight, live in montana, police on high alert after a beautiful 2-year-old little girl vanishes. reports the girl, 2-year-old heavenly erickson, in the hands of a convicted felon in three states. tonight, where is 2-year-old heavenly? breaking news.
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a beautiful 2-year-old girl is missing, and tonight police need your help in finding heavenly echo erickson. police are asking the public for help in locating heavenly after she vanishes from her father's house. police believe that the noncustodial mother and her boyfriend snatched her, especially alarming because custody of heavenly was recently taken away from her mother. a warrant for the girl's mother issued tonight and frantic search for little heavenly shifting into high gear. >> good evening. i'm nancy grace. thank you for being with us. bombshell tonight, tiger woods' lawyers get a court order prohibiting papers from publishing alleged nude photos of tiger woods. and reportedly, tiger woods moves out, as a tally of alleged mistresses rises and lawsuits threatening to boil over.
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>> i'm not going to ever say what i did was okay. >> a public apology from an alleged mistress to a scorned wife. >> when i did air that voicemail, the day i received it, it was kind of like a reality check for me. it was kind of saying, you know, i'm not the most important person to him. >> that is alleged mistress number two, jaimee grubbs, describing how she was in love with tiger woods. >> the 24-year-old tells "extra" she was intimate with woods 20 times over a three-year period. she claims tiger woods never discussed his wife, elin, and she feels badly for her. >> just released, part of 100 e-mails and text messages in which tiger woods claims he's found his soulmate. >> the series of these e-mails take place where he first professes his love for her. then he starts telling her had you jealous he is. . i don't know if this is going to work. i thought i was getting to know you.
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some other parts of your past really get to me. i didn't know what person i was falling for so hard, the one i got to know on the phone, e-mail, text and in person, or the one who likes famous people. i'm so confused because what my brain is saying and what my heart is saying are two different things. is it the rachel i know or the character? that's what's hard. it guts me to think i've fallen for the wrong one and will be number [ bleep ] five on that list. >> i didn't really think anything through. i was hurt. i told my story. and i didn't really think of what it was going to do and what it was going to do to my life and especially what it would not -- what it would do to my family's. i think i did everything on emotion when i first reacted.
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if tiger was here, i would just tell him that no part of our relationship was fake and i cared for him. i'm sorry that everything, you know, is coming out and happening the way it did. i just thought it was time for his wife to know and for me to let it go. >> straight out to drew joining us from wdbo. drew, what can you tell us about report tiger woods has moved out and is now on his mansion, "the privacy," is that confirmed? >> it's his houseboat. we don't know where he is. the original thinking is he was up in his mansion the whole time, but we know that he has another mansion inside the same neighborhood and houses in florida but no one has spotted him this whole time. it's really a mystery as to where tiger actually is right now. >> you're correct. i misspoke. his yacht "the privacy." but with a home there in the same subdivision, it's my understanding, why the yacht? >> well, you know, like you said, it's called "privacy" and that's a place he can go and escape.
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we heard reports there was activity on the boat. maybe they were prepping for him to come or maybe he's already there. again, a lot of this is speculation. no one has seen him or taken pictures of him and as you can imagine, there are reporters everywhere looking for him. >> in the last hours, we've been told that british lawyers have gotten a court order or have gone to court to stop nude depictions, photos of tiger woods. i'm not convinced such photos exist. if one of these women have, like, cell phone photos of him, you could easily doctor that and place him head on somebody else's body. what type of verification do the papers have to go through before they can print something like that? >> oh, i wouldn't even know, nancy. the point is we don't know for one thing if these documents posted by tmz are in fact real. we don't know if there's a court order. we haven't been able to obtain them ourselves.
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however, this document does say this does not acknowledge that anything like this exists, but if it does, you can't print it. >> why did i come out? that's a tough one. i did it for a lot of reasons. obviously, when i did air that voicemail, i mean, the day i received it, it was kind of like a reality check for me. it was kind of saying, you know, i'm not the most important person to him, and when i did come out, i kind of did a lot on emotion. >> made the cardinal sin, the press, infatuation with the scandalous aspect of this, dominate the coverage. >> the incident was hours after the story hit stands, "national
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enquirer" front cover, tiger woods was allegedly involved in an affair with a new york party girl. >> sports superstar addressing tabloid speculation set off by his one-vehicle accident in florida last week, just apologizing for "personal failings."
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>> why did you come out with the story? >> why did i come out? that's a tough one. i did it for a lot of reasons. obviously, when i did air that voicemail, i mean, the day i received it, it was kind of like a reality check for me. it was kind of saying, you know, i'm not the most important person to him. and when i did come out, i kind of did a lot on emotion. i didn't really think anything through. i was hurt. i told my story. i didn't really think of what it was going to do and what it would do to my life, especially not what it would do to my family's. i think i just did everything on
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emotion when i first reacted. i think with this whole process, that is the hardest part for me, is to know that this whole time, 2 1/2 years, that i thought i could have been the only woman and the only reason why, you know, we didn't hang out as much would be that he was busy and to go back and think that, you know, his reasons for being busy may have been another woman is really hard, you know? >> we're taking your calls live. straight to emily in georgia. hi, emily. >> caller: hi, nancy. this is great to talk to you. i have read your book. you're an inspiration to everyone in the world. >> i appreciate that. i don't deserve it, but thank you for saying that. what is your question, dear? >> caller: i heard reports that he allegedly had unprotected sex. and my question is if he had unprotected sex with these alleged mistresses, can anyone sue if the wife gets an std or
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if it's passed on from these alleged mistresses? >> you know, that's a legitimate concern. let's unleash the lawyers. an expert in his field joining us tonight, raul felder. a divorce attorney, author of "getting away with murder" joining us in new york. john burress, a renowned defense attorney joining us in san francisco and alex sanchez, also famed in his jurisdiction of new york. gentlemen, thank you for being with us. what about it, raul? especially in light of two of these women, these alleged mistresses -- i don't know if you can believe all of them. two of them are porn stars. >> well, it's a little more complicated than that. first of all, if this talk about a new prenuptial agreement is true, there's probably a general release clause that could have been anticipated to cover this, because at that point, at least four of the women were known. new york law is a little peculiar, but it changes from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
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every place, a wife has a cause of action against her husband for stds. girlfriends, it varies on the jurisdiction, because you take more risk if you meet somebody in a bar and you get something, well, you know, it may be what they call assumption of the risk. so, there it is. but my guess is that there is a new post-nuptial that reduce the number of years, as they say, and it probably has a general release clause that releases him from now until the end of the world for everything. >> so, you think in light of the reports we are hearing that the prenup has now been renegotiated. it's now, as raul felder, is calling it a post-nup. it would cover emily's question regarding sexually transmitted diseases? >> a general release is a general release. >> people don't know what you're talk when you say general release. >> there will be money
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exchanging hands, promises of money or future money. in return, the person is doing this is getting something called a general release, which nancy well knows about, which means i can't sue you for anything imagined claim, real claim or anything because i'm giving you a great deal of money. if it's something that could not have been anticipated when that release as we say was given, then he may be able to sue again. but here, it seems to me that with four women or five at that time coming out of the woodwork and, you know, these were women who were not school teachers. we hate to be pejorative. one woman was -- >> hey, hey, hey. raul felder, i get it about the porn stars, but please, lay off the waitresses. mommy here was a waitress before. watch it. >> if you recall the last time i was on, one of the things i found offensive was the labels that was on the women and there
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seemed to be rare relationships as you read these text messages, this wasn't ships in the night. the odd thing about it for a person who was a playboy, for want of a better term, he really got emotionally involved with these women and vice versa. >> i think that's the general description of a playboy, bethany marshall. you don't just have a bunch of one-night stands. the women really think they're having a relationship. >> they delude themselves into thinking some day, they'll be the only one and replace the wife. i do not for one second believe he had real relationships with these women. men who are sexually compulsive have notoriously poor insight into what anybody around them is feeling. they have reckless disregard for others. they don't wear condoms often. they often marry strong women in hope their impulses will be contained, but then they start to resent the woman because they feel the woman doesn't admire them or look highly upon them.
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so then they start to search out other women in hopes that they will get admiration. in a way, they're excitement and admiration junkies and one woman cannot supply it all, so they go to the next and the next and next and that's how the compulsion is born. >> back to the lawyers, this proposition that emily in georgia has brought up, we've heard from the various women, if they can be believed, about unprotected sex with tiger woods. now, i personally can't believe that this many women are telling the truth about tiger woods. i don't know how he would have time in the day for all of these women, plus a career and a wife and two children. but long story short, is there a possible lawsuit if there's been some type of a health risk? first to you, burress. >> well, not so much a risk but if something happens. if, in fact, there's a sexually
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transmitted disease and they get it and he knew he had it beforehand and he failed to tell them, he could be responsible for their condition. but, you know, if nothing happens and he just had sex and he didn't have protected sex and there's no disease transmitted, there's no liability there it seems to me. it's only if something actually does happen. >> what about it, alex? >> if you knowingly infect someone with a sexually transmitted disease, you can be held liable civilly and you may even be held liable criminally. if you suffer from aids and you go and have sex with somebody and you infect them, you know what? you could be arrested and brought up on criminal charges.
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>> i did put a lot of, you know, emotions into this. and i did care very much for him. and when we were together, i mean, he did make me feel like i was the only girl. so to go back and see and especially now when there's more and more. me telling this story wasn't the way i wanted to end things or say good-bye necessarily but it's my closure. it's just kind of, you know, this is a man i cared about. this is a man i spent 2 1/2 years with. >> straight out to barry levine, our special guest joining us tonight. he is the executive editor of "national enquirer." thank you for joining us. barry, now the tally is even higher. do you really believe all these women? >> nancy, it took us several weeks to vet the first girl,
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rachel uchitel, who started this whole thing. obviously, we would be working into the middle of next year to try to confirm every one of these women. i think that based on what we know about rachel's story, with the text messages, with the phone calls, and the way she was moved to meet tiger in australia in early november, that i believe that some of the accounts of some of these other women are correct. i cannot vouch for all of these women, but certainly, we know that there are multiple affairs. >> what do we know tonight, drew, about the rewriting of a prenup? what do we know about the prenup? there are rumors it could cost him almost immediately $55 million, much less over the span of the next seven years that apparently it covers. >> yeah, and all of the way up to $80 million but really like a lot of things with this story, we don't really know. we haven't seen exactly what this prenup calls for, but we do understand that it's been
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renegotiated so that elin might be able to get more money quicker and not have to wait out a long time to get payment if this thing still lasts. >> infidelity in a marriage is one thing but a serial infidelity, a cheater, is a symptom in the character of the person who is cheating.
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the facts really don't seem to hang together between his and his wife's story about what happened that night. coincidentally, the incident occurred just hours after e story hit the stands with the "national inquirer" front cover that tiger woods was allegedly involved in an affair with a new york party girl. >> sport superstar addressing tabloid speculation set off by his one-vehicle accident in florida last week. woods is apologizing for personal failings. >> this comes on the day that "us weekly" comes out with a story that tiger woods had an
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affair with an alleged cocktail waitress in 2007, jaimee grubbs. >> cnn has not confirmed the authenticity of that recording or whether the voice on it does belong to tiger woods. >> i can't really speak to their character, except that they knew they were dating a married man. >> this guy's behaving like an irresponsible adolescent whose
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whilest dreams came true. money, power, stardom, with emphasis on irresponsibility. >> to kim in colorado. hi, kim. >> caller: hi nancy. as a mother of two sets of twins, congratulations on yours. >> wow. >> caller: i was wondering if mrs. woods would be able to sue the mistresses for alienation of affection. as famous as he is, they knew he was married when they started the relationship. >> well, as a matter of fact, kim in colorado, that's next on my list of questions tonight. in a lot of jurisdictions, a wife can actually sue a mistress or lover of the husband, especially after it's shown the lover knew he was married. to ellie, our chief editorial producer, you researched this. it's true. that lawsuit does exist, that cause of action does exist. >> that's right. we've been looking at various
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state statutes today. and there are several states were this does apply. if you believe that your spouse has alienated their affections, in other words, giving affection to someone other than you, you can go and sue that other person in the relationship. >> there's your answer, kim in colorado. i don't believe that statute exists in florida, but with all of their multiple homes all over the world, drew, how many homes do they have? where are they? >> total of about nine. there's two here in the orlando area. one down in jupiter, florida. also a house over in sweden and then a couple houses out in california. so there's a bunch of houses and maybe if something happened in one of those -- >> there's jackson hole -- can
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we put up that map back up please, elizabeth? home in wyoming. there are a couple in california, i believe near some nice golf courses. jupiter island. there you have one down further south in florida where the boat is docked. in sweden and in dubai. so my point is to kim in colorado, even though florida may not allow that cause of action, alienation of affections, that lawsuit could be brought in a lot of jurisdictions where they have domiciles. out to the lines, laurie, south carolina. hi, laurie. >> caller: hi, how are you, nancy? >> i'm great, dear. >> caller: first, i want to thank you for being a voice to the voiceless and being an advocate for children. you are just wonderful. thank you so much for that. >> well, i got to tell you, thank you for your kind words. what's your question, love? >> caller: it's kind of a two-part question here. number one, shame on tiger woods. i've been through this myself as a divorced married woman of three children. his squeaky cute, clean thing has gone down now. but these women -- my two parts to this is it's my understanding that tiger woods paid some of
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them off not to speak, but they are still coming out and speaking. shame on them, too. they knew he was a married man with children. that just bothers me that marriage means nothing to anybody anymore. i want to know, can anything be done about that? aren't these women just coming out to make the money? >> i don't think there's anything that can be done to stop them, unless they're not telling the truth. let's go to the lawyers. raul felder, john burress, alex sanchez, if they're not telling the truth, they can be sued for slander or libel. isn't that, correct, john burress? >> i don't think much about slander and libel against tiger at all. he's such a public figure. at the end of the day, he will not pay the people off. he's just going to have to deal with the fact that people will make false statements about him. he's a huge, huge public figure. you have a high standard and gross reckless disregard for the
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truth. it may all be false, but at the end of the day there's not much tiger will be able to do about women making false claims against him. >> what about it, alex? >> you know, even if the charges were false and these were completely erroneous complaints against him, what does a guy who's worth $600 million do? sue a cocktail waitress making $45,000 a year? the whole thing would be ridiculous. he just has to accept this. >> to sue in california, hi, sue. >> caller: hi, nancy. i love your show. and i'm glad you bring the truth out every night. >> you know what's difficult about this case, sue, and i appreciate your compliment. is i don't know what the truth is. i think some women are telling truth, but it's hard for me to believe there are 11 women that had these longtime affairs with tiger woods. i believe some of them are absolutely telling the truth, but i don't believe all of them. >> caller: maybe not all of them. i was married to a man for 20 years that cheated with woman after woman.
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and like the girl said she thought she was the only one. i don't understand how they can think that when they're not the only one because there's a wife. we went to counseling. it didn't help because he didn't want to change. and by tiger calling the girl to take her name off of the answering machine or the voicemail, i believe he's already keeping the door open to keep going back. >> you know, you're right about that, too. dr. bethany marshall, it seems as if at some point, somebody gets a wake-up call and they say, you know what, i'm going to lose everything and -- if i don't change. at that point, you either change or just get a divorce. >> except in the case of compulsions. and i don't know if he is, but someone who is compulsive will continue on and on at enormous personal, social, professional costs. that's the nature of a compulsion. that a person persists despite the cost to self others. and the women may have allowed
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themselves to become seduced into thinking they would be the next ms. tiger woods. they are with a golf star. they are injecting themselves into his notoriety. >> to president of the britto agency in new york, at one point, i believe, being a woods' fan, that if he came out and came clean and said i did it. i did it. i am a jackass. i risked everything. now i may have lost my children. one day, when they grow up and they read all of this, they may not have anything to do with me anymore. but at this point, would even that save him? >> at this point, nancy, i think he needs to continue to really work on the restoration of his relationship with his wife. i think it doesn't matter for tiger to come out and try to really chop down every story, like the lawyers said earlier. and like you said yourself, we don't know what's true. people are coming out of the
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woodwork saying anything and at this point, for tiger to address every allegation is irrelevant. right now, tiger needs to focus on his family and focus on his children and wife and maybe he can emerge a better husband, a better person and a better golfer. he can speak when he's ready to speak and only then will we know the truth. but until then, it's all allegations and tiger should remain silent, let everything die down and then emerge and speak when he's ready to tell his truth. >> everyone, quick break. but as we go to break, here's photos of the twins just recently. lucy and john david just got these from a viewer. there is john david's first haircut just last week. here they are with some chalk out in front of our little church we attend, playing in the parking lot. and thank you, mcdonald's. we sure had a good time this afternoon there in your play area. and now photos from you.
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ohio friend dominique, beautiful granddaughter, renee, who never misses a show. and kentucky friends, charles and jules, celebrating 45 years together. that's an inspiration to me. happy anniversary.
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hours after celebrating thanksgiving, tiger woods is involved in an accident. so, now there are so many questions because tiger woods and his wife, elin, will not talk to police officers. >> with questions swirling around him and the florida highway patrol turned away three times, that has a lot of people even more curious. woods' efforts to maintain his privacy are legendary. >> under our constitution, tiger woods doesn't have to tell us anything. >> everybody wants to know. all right. what happened? what does tiger woods have to tell us? >> well, if he talks about what happened, if he's honest about it and he apologizes to his family, to his fans, you know,
10:44 pm
we live in a forgiving country and he can get past this, but the way this is unfolding with more revelations coming out every day, he's not saying anything. he's hiding behind these three statements on his website and he hasn't come forward yet. >> every time you stonewall the cops three days in a row, you look like you are hiding something or look like you are guilty of something. terrible. >> the only thing he issued are statements that he's made through his lawyer and on his website and says he wants to keep his privacy on that. his lawyer said it's his right to not speak. >> tiger is living in tigerland, which doesn't have much to do with adult responsibility, judgment or thinking about consequences. >> to dr. titus duncan, general surgery atlanta medical center. dr. duncan, great to have you with us again. tiger woods still in hiding. many people reporting that it's because of his facial injuries. how serious must they be for him to be in hiding this long? >> well, you can have several levels of facial injuries. they can go from scratches to deep bruises to actually
10:45 pm
something going on deeper inside, beneath the skin itself. so, it takes a while for that to heal. as a matter of fact, for a regular incision or scratch, it can take up to six weeks in order for that to heal properly so it leaves very little scar. >> to tom shamshack, former police chief, now private investigator and instructor at boston university. tom, thank you for being with us. tom, there are reports that elin nordegren, the wife, knew of tiger woods' behavior, alleged promiscuity before their marriage, that he had promised to clean up his act and now she finds out that he didn't. isn't it typical in your line of business, before disaster strikes and everything hits the fan, the spouse is on to the other one and they hired a private investigator. do you believe that's how she found out? >> good evening, nancy. thank you for having me back. it is quite possible that his wife hired a private
10:46 pm
investigator who went about acquiring, with her assistance, cell phone records, texting, photographs that might have been sent, and private investigators routinely work with computer experts to harvest that kind of information. tiger's undoing will be the electronic trail that most cheaters have to deal with. >> out to the lines. louise in florida. hi, dear. >> caller: thank you for taking my question. how does he compartmentalize his life to know which woman he's talking to, what her likes and dislikes are. he must be a different person with each one of them. >> louise in florida, if i knew the answer to that, i could make millions of dollars in the shrink business. dr. bethany, this one is on you. >> hopefully he didn't call each one by the wrong name. actually, people who cheat are
10:47 pm
really unintegrated, meaning that the experience they have when they're with their wife is completely put out of their mind when they're with a mistress and i think why he was caught is that jaimee grubbs, he saw her 20 times in three years. that's only once a month. he made her believe she was so special. she is a woman scorned and she came out with those text messages because when he asked her to take her name off the phone, she realized she wasn't so special. so, that was the undoing. >> everybody, we're switching gears. still taking your calls. a little 2-year-old girl out of montana is in danger. police believe she's with a three-time convicted felon in different states and he's on the run. take a listen. >> law enforcement needs your help in tracking down 2-year-old little girl, heavenly echo erickson. she vanishes in montana while at her father's house. police believe she may with her mother who lost custody. the situation extremely urgent.
10:48 pm
she may be traveling with her boyfriend, james worthington in a 1998 four-door red saturn with temporary license plates. little heavenly just 2 years old and needs to be brought to safety immediately. >> that is the age of the twins, and i can imagine what this little child is going through. now, you heard that she was taken by the mother. well, the father has custody, and the mother took the baby and she is with a convicted felon, convicted on felonies in three different states. thanks, mom. out to andy malby, editor in chief with belgrade news. what can you tell me, andy? thank you for being with us. >> thank you, nancy. all i know is that she disappeared november 23rd from bozeman, montana, in the company of her mother, who doesn't have custody and this boyfriend of the mother, james worthington. it's my understanding that custody was to be given to an
10:49 pm
aunt, but she went in and took the girl before the aunt could get there. >> marc klass, president of klass kids foundation, this guy is a felon in three different states, marc. >> yes, indeed, he is, nancy. it's going to take a combination of public vigilance and law enforcement and electronic investigation to bring this in. people will either have to see him or cell pings will have to be monitored or tracked and/or credit card information. but i would quickly like to suggest, nancy, we have 2 million truck drivers on our highways. so many of these are road-centric cases. i have no doubt that many cases, this one included, would be solved much more quickly than they are. and quite frankly, there's a
10:50 pm
proposal before the fcc to provide them with that information right now and the all of you long haul truck drivers. take a look at this little girl. she is now with her mother, noncustodial parent who stole her. and with a three-time convicted felon. what more can you tell me? >> well, mom waived her parental rights and the aunt applied for guardianship. the father was unaware the aunt applied for guardianship. he was with the child when she was taken, he had no idea he lost custody and he handed her over and didn't think twice about it. >> very quickly, the search for a missing 32-year-old chicago man vanishing in thin air after a late night call to his parents. dave delceillo last seen loading
10:51 pm
a bus. would never leave behind his pets or musical instruments. medication left on the desk, 6'2", brown hair, brown eyes, take a look. if you have information please call chicago police special victims unit.
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law enforcement needs your help in tracking down 2-year-old heavenly echo erickson, she vanishes while at her father's house. police believe she may be with her mother who lost custody. the situation is extremely urnl ent. >> straight back to matt. i'm a little unclear about the custody thing. the father had custody even though the aunt was petitioning? >> in petition for the aunt to get guardianship, the aunt and mother both claim the father was not interested in raising the child, hadn't seen the child in six months. >> and the father says in a filing asked for a motion asking
10:55 pm
for a hearing about it. i had no idea you were taking custody or guardianship away from me. if i did, i wouldn't have handed the child over to the child's mother. >> how did the mother come to take the child? she just drove up and took advantage of his lack of knowledge of what they were trying to do in court? >> exactly, the mother came up and the father handed her over. >> tell us about the convicted felon. >> this guy worthington has convictions in montana, florida for drug possession and burglary. spent some time in jail, recently released and violated the terms of his release. >> take a look, possession of marijuana, burglary, what else do we have? theft by transportation. burglary, montana. are there more? are those all of them, liz or do we have additional? take a look at this guy, everyone, right now the guy's names is james worthington, the
10:56 pm
mom's boyfriend. dr. bethany how can this keep happening where mom takes off with a convicted felon and a baby? >> most kidnappings are committed by noncustodial relatives. you think it's the guy in the trench coat but it's the cousin other mother or aunt, who becomes obsessed with the child who puts the child at the greatest risk. >> everyone, let's stop and remember army staff sergeant david kuehl killed in iraq on a second tour, awarded the bronze star, army commendation medal, loves hunting and family barbecues, his kitty cat doodles. leaves behind grieving parents keith and laura, sisters shawn in a and wendy and daughters kylee and mesa.
10:57 pm
american hero. thank to you our guests but especially to you for being with us. i'll see you tomorrow night. until then, good night, friend. -- captions by vitac -- hi there, here's what's coming up on "showbiz tonight" at the top of the hour. the brand-new tiger woods bombshell. one of woman who said she had an affair with tiger now says she's sorry. brand-new jon and kate drama in court. jon battling the network that used to air jon and kate plus 8. tv's most provocative news show starts at the top the hour here
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